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Does it make sense to buy-home now?

To answer this question we must first evaluate your wants and needs and whether the market conditions are just right to attempt a purchase. It is true that owning property is always the right way to start incurring asset value to your portfolio but it is also true that your asset value also depends on the type of property you are buying. Black Diamond Advisory Group can be your guide to purchasing the best property for the best price to suit your needs.

Do I need a realtor?

What is a good number of homes to tour prior to making an offer?

The best answer is “as many as it takes to find a home that works for you”. Purchasing a home will most likely be the single largest investment you will make, so it is important to make sure you find a home that meets your current and future needs. It’s best not to look at just one home, but also not to look at more than 6 or 7 in one day. It’s common to confuse the features if you view too many in one day. Bring a notepad and pen and take notes on your likes and dislikes of each home.

Do I have closing cost?

When it comes time to either negotiate an offer prior to closing or closing an accepted offer there is always a closing cost. Although not definitive because closing costs do vary with every property, we do our best to provide you an itemized list of all necessary arrangements and costs so you know exactly what to expect when that time comes.

Can I save more money if i buy and sell through you?

Absolutely! If you are selling more than one house or plan to both sell and buy (new or resale) ask for a copy of our Client Rewards Program. We will mail or email it to you immediately!

What are the important documents to be checked before buying a home/property?

Once you have zeroed in on the home of your choice. It is necessary to check important documents closely before proceeding. Make sure to carry out a thorough search and check out the approved plan layout, the building plan, ownership documents etc. It is advisable, to seek professional legal help to verify the validity of the documents.

Why do you sell so many houses?

We have the experience, product knowledge and effective marketing systems that maximize the amount of exposure of your property. Our skilled team all add up to positive results and most positive reviews and testimonials. Through our drive and passion, we manage to succeed.

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